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Home Security Questions

Is Home Security For You?

As a homeowner, you want to protect your investment as well as your family. The choice of that protection relies on cost, convenience and product reliability. Safe Home Security provides multiple options to protect your home whether you do it yourself or opt for a professional installation of home security. Whatever choice you make, each option has is benefits and Safe Home Security would like to provide you more information so you can make an intelligent decision on your options.

Do I need home security?

Let’s first look at the top 10 statistics…

Top 10 burglary statistics

  1. Over 1 million burglaries are committed each year in the US, according to the FBI.
  2. Most recently, 1.1 million burglaries took place in 2019, down 9.5% since the previous year.
  3. One burglary happens every 25.7 seconds, so approximately 3,300 per day.
  4. The average value of property taken during burglaries is about $2,600, making the total cost of burglaries in 2019 about $2.9 billion.
  5. Burglars are drawn to homes that do not have home security systems. Homes that don’t have a security system are 300% more likely to be burglarized (Alarms.org).
  6. Unfortunately, less than 30% of homes have an effective security system installed (Security.org).
  7. 27% of the time, a person is home while the burglary occurs; 26% of those people home are harmed.
  8. Someone was injured in 7.2% of all burglaries committed.
  9. In 85% of burglaries, the crime is committed by amateurs, often done by someone who is desperate. It is assumed these amateurs are more unpredictable and dangerous than professional thieves.
  10. Despite the grim statistics burglaries have declined by 49% in the last 20 years, according to FBI data.

These statistics are not intended to intimidate you or even convince you that you should acquire home security, but if you consider this information (source: https://www.bankrate.com/insurance/homeowners-insurance/house-burglary-statistics/), the decision relies upon cost (the cost of equipment, installation, setup, monitoring service, etc.) and risk factors (leaving your home unprotected).

Homeowners have invested in their property and they want it protected – just as you do. Not all homeowners have a budget for home protection/security and opt for motion sensor lights, enhanced door locks, gates, etc. Although these options are more money-saving and practical, the vulnerability factor occurs most when you’re not at home.

If you are considering a home security system that works for your budget, give us a call at 1-800-833-3211 and speak with one our home security specialists and let us know what you want. We’ll provide you the best options while considering your budget.

Why do I need a contract for monitoring service?

A contract provides you a lower monthly fee because installation and equipment costs are spread out over the term of the contract (generally 36 months). Although you may not pay less overall, this option makes your monthly payment very affordable over the duration of your contract.

You may not desire to commit to a 36-month contract, but consider the long-term advantage of the contract. To truly experience what home security can provide, let’s look at the benefits:

  1. Everyday Monitoring – If you have a video doorbell, you can be immediately alerted to who is approaching your door and visually see who this person is on your phone app without opening your door.
  2. Voice Commands – You can lock your doors, turn on your lights, grant access to a user for home automation controls and more.
  3. Customization – You can customize your home services to schedule when to turn lights on, when to lock doors and more.
  4. Video Recording – If you encounter the unfortunate experience of a person who is attempting to enter or break into your home, you will have a video recording of the event (with the option of camera installation in and outside of your home). You will also receive instant alarm notifications on your phone if you alarm your home and you’re away.


This is only a small list of what home security can provide you and your family – this home protection cannot be truly appreciated in just 3, 4 or 5 months – Protection is ongoing and the comfort and security you feel when you’re protected with security cameras, alarms and alerts has more value to your and your family than the cost of a monthly fee. And don’t forget that you may get a discount on your home insurance with home security! Inquire with your insurance company to see if you qualify for any discounts.

Do all home security companies require a contract?

Some security companies do offer a month-to-month option with no contract, but that may be only available if you purchase the equipment upfront or rent it from the company (and so the rental fee will be part of that monthly fee). This option could result in a higher monthly fee.

DIY or Professional Installation?

DIY: (Do-It-Yourself) home security installations could save you money, but you won’t receive a warranty on your overall system. The only warranty you will have is on the parts themselves, but if they are installed incorrectly or results in damage during the installation, your warranty would then be voided.

Then there’s the technical aspect of a DIY installation – although most companies provide ample documentation to assist you with your self-install, they still require technical knowledge to ensure the equipment is properly setup and working. If you choose a wired system, it could get more complicated as drilling holes in walls and other modifications may be needed to complete the installation.

This information is not intended to deter you from your decision to do it yourself, but to educate you on the aspects of a self-installation.

Professional Install: The benefit of having a professional install is that get a warranty for the work performed and the additional cost that you would incur (versus a DIY install) is well worth it when you consider peace of mind knowing you could have the equipment serviced at no additional cost should it become faulty or defective.

The installation technicians ensure that the equipment is installed properly and tests each unit. The technician will also educate you on how it works, how to troubleshoot any problems and who to contact in case you have a problem.

DIY versus a professional installation is a decision a homeowner must make to best suit your needs, but Safe Home Security is confident that we can customize an affordable plan for you and guarantee a professional installation with a warranty. Our customer service center is available should you encounter any technical problems with the equipment or to place a service call for equipment that has become defective or non-operational.