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5 Business Security System Necessities for Securing a Small Business

As a business owner, it’s always a priority to keep your employees, customers, and assets safe from emergencies like robbery and fire. Business security trends have changed over the years, but one thing has stayed consistent. Physical security is a necessity for brick and mortar businesses. If you own a business and are looking for security, here’s our list of business security system necessities.

Business Security System Essentials

While businesses differ, general storefront business security systems still need the same essential equipment. Whether you own a restaurant, salon, retail store, or other brick and mortar business, you’ll need the following security system equipment to keep it secure.

Security Cameras

When it comes to business security, security cameras are one of the most sought after products. A surveillance system can help you keep track of what’s going on at your business day to day as well as during your off hours.

For business security cameras, there are two distinct options to consider: smart security cameras or CCTV. Smart security cameras record motion or event activated clips and store them via cloud storage. Closed circuit television or CCTV cameras allow 24/7 recording that can be stored locally and do not rely on an internet connection for recording.

Monitored Smoke Detectors

Regardless of the type of business you own, fire is a risk to everyone. Monitored smoke detectors will allow you to contact the fire department in the event of a fire whether you’re there or not. This prevents the need to rely on an employee being physically present to call the fire department during a fire emergency.

Silent Panic Buttons

The silent panic button will send a silent signal to emergency services during a theft or robbery scenario. Sometimes the loud siren of the alarm could potentially create an unsafe situation for employees. The silent panic button allows you to contact the authorities with the assailant knowing.

Glass Break Sensors

If you’re concerned that your business might be at risk for vandalism, a glass break sensor can give you some peace of mind. Glass break sensors alert your security system on the sound of breaking glass. On top of vandalism, glass break sensors help to protect your business from theft by alerting you and the authorities if someone tries to enter the business after hours by breaking a window.

Unique User Passcodes

Unique user passcodes can quickly be created and assigned as you bring on new employees. The same goes for when you lose employees. This helps to keep your business safe as you’ll always know who has access to enter, leave, or disarm the security system. Unique user passcodes can also help you hold your team accountable for locking up, arming the alarm system, and closing up shop daily.

Get a Business Security System

The bottom line — protect your business. Without a security solution, your business will be at risk. Need some guidance about choosing the best security system for your business? Talk to a business security specialist by clicking here.

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